You'll find our Staff Team working hard to fully equip people for all kinds of ministries. Our full and part-time staff members are here to serve you.



Mike Labrum / Interim Lead Pastor


Faith: Born and raised in SLC, UT I quickly learned that I was different from everyone else around me. I was raised in a small baptist church and wrestled through the difference of knowing the “right answers” from truly owning my faith. By age 12 I had fully committed my life to Jesus which began a crazy, messy faith filled journey that I’ve been on ever since.

Family: In 2003 I moved to Portland to finish school and met my wife, Elizabeth. We were married in June of 2005 and now have two amazing kids, Landin and Audrey. We lived in Portland until 2012 before moving to Seattle.

Fun: I love getting outdoors and being active with my family. We enjoy spending the day at the beach, traveling to new places and looking for fun new experiences. We love cultural food, The Portland Timbers and are big Seahawks fans.  


Trent Siverson / Pastor of Global and Local Missions & Manager of The Bridge Coffee House


Faith: Currently in my faith journey I am attempting to fully embrace God's view of me, be gracious toward myself, and know what it truly means to follow Christ in our culture. 

Family: My wife Heather and I are both born and raised in Seattle and have been married since 2012.

Fun: I enjoy brewing and drinking coffee, reading, playing soccer, traveling with my wife, and being outdoors. 


Matt Broweleit / Worship Pastor


Faith: I learned about Jesus as a kid through my family and through my church. I actually grew up going to North Seattle Church, so many of my spiritual roots come from being a part of this community. I remember even as a middle schooler going on a youth group retreat and being struck by the sacrifice Jesus made for us. It was very real for me. Today I continue to be in awe of God's grace for broken people like me.

Family: I'm pretty grateful for my family, the Broweleits. There is some family debate as to the meaning of the word Broweleit. In German it may mean "brave people," or it may mean "brewery people." We're not sure... Either way, it's a great name. I have fantastic parents and some cool siblings. I am married to a remarkable woman that I don't deserve named Katie. We have four kids, 3 girls and a boy. I love being a dad and enjoying the mess and adventure of life with my little crew. I learn everyday that it is more important to love than to be right. 

Fun: I am a pretty chill person. I have yet to go bungee jumping, skydiving, or summit a real mountain. I like being with people. I like having coffee or a beer and hearing someone's story. I love making music. I enjoy the creative process where people get to know themselves, their own fears and insecurities, eventually expressing something from deep within. I enjoy beauty, whether in nature, in silence, or in art. I thoroughly enjoy being with my wife and my kids. I love sports, though I kind of have a love/hate relationship with anything pertaining to celebrity culture. I have mostly traded basketball for soccer. Go M's! Go Hawks! I enjoy reading and am currently writing my first book.


Katie Broweleit / Kid's Director 


Faith: I grew up primarily in North Carolina, but moved to California for my last two years of high school and it was there that I came to know Jesus through Young Life. My college years were spent diving deeper into my relationship with Jesus and growing in my faith alongside an incredible community of believers. I am truly humbled to walk through all the craziness and ups and downs of life with Jesus.

Family: I am married to an incredible man, Matt, and together we have 4 kids - Annabelle, Elizabeth, Andrew, and Mia. I absolutely love being a mom and am passionate about raising kids and creating a home that helps kids learn who they are in Jesus.

Fun: I love being with people and spending time with friends and family. I love playing games, having people over to our house, and watching sports. We love the Seahawks in our house!


Sue Rima / Church Administrator


Faith: I grew up attending church coming to know Jesus personally just before my 18th birthday. My journey has been one of learning to trust God in times of plenty and joy and in times of famine and deep sadness through which God has been simply beautiful in his faithfulness to me. On my journey with God I have come to realize that what I yearn for more than anything else is to reflect God’s astounding love, grace and mercy that He so generously has showered upon me to others. 

Family: I am married to Sam and we have been blessed with four amazing children - Jill, Seth, Hillary and Sam Jr.. Two of our kids are married (Jill to Matt, and Seth to Laura) with another wedding (Sam Jr to Sarah) in August this year. We have the joy of grand-parenting Kahlan & Laney (Jill & Matt’s), and Lindy (Seth & Laura - who are expecting sweet Clara Joy this November). My family are my very breath…God has truly blessed me uniquely with each one of these incredible people! They have taught me much of God’s love, sense of humor, patience, and pure joy!

Fun: I love spending time with family and friends, grabbing a good coffee, walking (Green Lake is beautiful!), playing games (our family is pretty competitive!), watching movies, and reading a variety of genres. Spending time with my kids, grandkids and friends gives me life and helps keep things in perspective! 


Robert David / Maintenance and Custodial Manager


Faith: I am from Brasov, Romania. I grew up in a Christian family. Every Sunday morning and afternoon we went to church together. I knew almost all the stories from the Bible and I was familiar with all the teachings, but all that was just knowledge until one day, about 15 years ago, while listening to a song, I decided to dedicate my life to Christ. Since then, God has led my life beautifully through places and experiences that I never even thought of.

Family: I met my wife Hanna in 2010, in Cadiz, Spain while both of us were studying abroad. I was studying medicine and she was studying languages. We started dating in April that year. Two years later I proposed to her in Budapest. In 2013 we married in Brasov, Romania. Our plans were to live in Europe, but God changed them, so here we are, in Seattle.

Fun: I consider myself a funny guy. I love to hear and tell jokes. I also love to read fiction books and to watch movies with my wife. I know all the soccer news and I also play once a week in a coed league with my wife and other friends. Traveling is also something that my wife and I enjoy.