Join a Volunteer Team

One of the best ways of getting connected at North Seattle Church is to join a volunteer team! Simply read over the volunteer opportunities below to see if there is one that matches your level of interest, gifting and availability. After you've found an area you're interested in, click "Get in Touch" to find out what that specific position looks like.

Volunteer Opportunities 

NSC Kids
Do you have a heart for helping kids encounter Jesus? Do you have mad flannel graph skills? If so, click the button below for more information.

Do you enjoy gardening? Do you like fixing things or tinkering? Click the button below for more information on how you to get involved with keeping our church grounds in tip-top shape.

First Impressions
Do you like meeting new people? Can you smile as you shake a hand? Greeting might be the place for you!

Prefer to serve behind the scenes? Help us make coffee on Sunday mornings! Click the button below and let us know where you'd prefer to serve.

Worship and Media Ministries
Do you play the kazoo, mouth harp or spoons? If so, you should check out our First Impressions team above! For those interested in trying out for our worship band, serving in the sound booth or with our media team, click below for more info.

Front Office
Are you administratively gifted? Do you enjoy folding programs, filing, data entry and other basic office tasks? Click below for more information on how to volunteer in our front office.

Community Groups
Would you be interested in hosting a Community Group weekly in your home? Are you interested in potentially leading a Community Group? Click below for more information.