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Our mission at North Seattle Church is to be a faith community that connects people to the life and mission of Jesus. Once God has used us to facilitate that initial connection, our vision is to also facilitate a life-long journey of whole-person spiritual formation, which is reflected in our vision statement.


Here at North Seattle Church, our deep desire is to see every follower of Jesus engage in an intentional, life-long journey of holistic personal restoration and spiritual formation. This restoration and formation journey will lead to greater intimacy with God and facilitate the whole-life alignment of each person’s unique personality, natural talents, and spiritual gifts, with God’s redemptive purposes in the world. We believe this journey is best facilitated in the context of close community and with the aide of spiritual direction and mentoring.

We will facilitate this journey of spiritual formation by using the following three-fold model:

The Shape of Spiritual Formation: Growing in Loving Intimacy with the Trinity, Self and Others

  • Knowing and experiencing the Trinity
  • Understanding your True Self
  • Living from your True Self in authentic relationship with God and others
  • Experiencing deep Christian community
  • Learning group spiritual direction – becoming a soul friend

The Journey of Spiritual Formation: Life-long, Whole-person Transformation

  • Responding to God’s invitation: Our core posture on the journey
  • A Developmental perspective of the spiritual journey
  • Embracing a theology of suffering
  • Developing a rule of life from the spiritual practices and resources of the Church

The Goal of Spiritual Formation: Whole-life Alignment with God’s Redemptive Story

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  • Repenting of our cultural captivity
  • Embracing a holistic Gospel: God’s heart for loving everyone and everything
  • Learning to practice group discernment in pursuit of God’s direction
  • Aligning my whole life with God’s redemptive story (individually and corporately)

We will implement this model by guiding people on the “SOUL Journey” of spiritual formation, which will take place in four six-month modules, in the context of a small community of believers and with the aide of group and individual spiritual direction. 

Requirements for those interesting in applying for SOUL Journey:

  • You have made a clear commitment to follow Christ.
  • You are teachable and actively pursuing a growing faith in God.
  • You are willing to commit to engaging in personal spiritual disciplines at least four (4) days per week while engaged in the SOUL Journey.
  • You can regularly attend learning modules (Thursdays) and 2 one-day retreats (only 2 unexcused absences are permitted). See schedule for more details (coming soon!).
  • You are willing to complete the assigned reading (4 books per module) and other program related projects as necessary