June 17, 2015

NSA has a new Lead Pastor!

We have good news to share. On Tuesday, June 16, the Ministry Council voted unanimously to extend a call to Sam Rima to serve as our next Lead Pastor. Pastor Sam has accepted the call and will begin his ministry on July 1. Thank you for your faithful prayer support during the entire pastoral search process. We believe God has brought us the man of His choosing. Please continue to pray for the details of the Rima's relocation to Seattle.

May 24, 2015

Candidate Weekend — June 13–14

The Ministry Council has invited Pastor Sam Rima to come to NSA for a candidate weekend in June 13–14. The Rimas will share their spiritual journey during the 9–10 a.m. on June 14th in Room 210. Pastor Rima will preach in the worship service. The Ministry Council will then meet to determine whether to extend a call to Sam to serve as our next Lead Pastor. Please continue to pray for God's wisdom as we move through this important process. For more information about Pastor Sam Rima click the button below or visit the Welcome Center on Sunday morning.

May 6, 2015

Two Candidates

The Search Committee met on Tuesday, May 5, where they identified two candidates that they will recommend to the Ministry Council (MC) at a meeting on Thursday, May 14. The MC will decide whether to extend an invitation to one of the candidates to come and visit on a weekend in the near future.

Please pray for wisdom as the MC proceeds. 

For information about next steps in the search process see the March 8 "Pastoral Search Process" post below.

April 22, 2015

Initial Skype Interviews

The Search Committee conducted Skype interviews with three candidates this past week. Additional follow-up information on each candidate is currently being gathered. The goal is to have a primary candidate to recommend to the Ministry Council at a special meeting on May 12.

Your continued prayer support is needed! 

For information about next steps in the search process see the March 8 "Pastoral Search Process" post below.

April 1, 2015

Primary Candidates

After reviewing several resumes the Search Committee has identified three primary candidates that they will be interviewing soon.

Thank you for your continued prayer support.

March 11, 2015

Pastor Search Document

We have put together a document that includes a profile of our church, our community, and the pastoral profile that was crafted at the recent Leadership Summits. It will be included with any job postings the Search Team sets up, and will appear on The Alliance PNW District website and will be linked to The Alliance national office website.

View document by clicking the button below:

March 8, 2015

Pastoral Search Team

Please pray for the Search Team as they begin the process of finding 
our church's next Lead Pastor:

Deb Baliko, Lynn Greene, Connie Grenley, Norm Hamilton, 
Trent Siverson, Dave Torseth, Bill Woodward

March 8, 2015

Pastoral Search Process

Here's a summary of the process we will follow as we search for our next Lead Pastor: 

  • Congregation commits to special times of prayer.
  • Leadership prepares three profiles: church, community, pastor.
  • Ministry Council appoints a Search Committee.
  • Search Committee communicates profiles with C&MA district office and obtains resumes of potential candidates. All candidates must be licensable by the C&MA before they can be considered as a candidate.
  • Search Committee prayerfully reviews resumes and ranks candidates according to level of interest and degree of match with pastoral profile.
  • An initial phone contact is made with a “short list” of candidates.
  • References for candidates are contacted.
  • Sermons of candidates are reviewed.
  • Interviews with short list of candidates are conducted.
  • The Search Committee recommends the most suitable candidates to the Ministry Council at a joint meeting.
  • The Ministry Council invites a candidate to come for an on-site visit.
  • The candidate meets with people in the church in small and larger groups and preaches at a Sunday service. Only one “finalist” candidate is considered at a time.
  • After the on-site visit, the Ministry Council meets to decide whether or not to extend a call to the candidate to serve as the church’s next lead pastor. This decision is communicated with the candidate. The District Superintendent needs to give his approval of a candidate prior to a call being extended. When a call to serve as our next lead pastor is extended, the candidate then will have the opportunity to prayerfully discern his response. If the candidate accepts the Ministry Council’s call, arrangements are finalized regarding a start date and relocation to the Seattle area.
  • If the first weekend visit does NOT result in a positive outcome, the Search Committee resumes the search process until a candidate is finalized.

February 22, 2015

Pastoral Search tools

The Ministry Council, ministry leaders, and staff have worked together to create a list of Strategic Initiatives and a Pastoral Profile, two tools that will guide us as we begin the search for our next lead pastor.

Strategic Initiatives

During our new Lead Pastor’s first 24 months here at North Seattle Alliance, we need him, in conjunction with Staff and the Ministry Council, to give focused attention to the following items
in order to make progress toward a new future:

•  Create a comprehensive vision for the future of our church and communicate it effectively for maximum ownership and implementation. This vision will include the configuration of staff needed to accomplish this vision.

•  Develop a long range plan for aligning facility usage and maintenance with our church’s vision for the future.

•  Craft an intentional discipleship pathway and leadership development plan.

•  Develop strategic ways to bridge the generations, meeting the needs of our senior adults while continuing to attract younger singles and families.

•  Conduct an audit of existing ministries, prioritizing ministries which can best enable our church to achieve its vision.

•  Refine strategies for connecting the church to the community and the community to the church.

•  Develop and implement a philosophy of worship.


Pastoral Profile


•  Possesses an open, humble, teachable spirit.

•  Willing to make a long-term commitment to serve at NSA, persevering through tough times.

•  Possesses a warm, relational personality with a healthy sense of humor.

•  Courageous, capable of truthing it in love.

•  Values empowering and mentoring other leaders without feeling threatened.

•  Invites intentional accountability.


•  Able to exegete Scripture and the Seattle culture, utilizing current technology well.

•  Capable of casting, communicating and implementing a compelling vision.

•  Possesses experience and expertise in developing leaders and supervising staff.

•  A dynamic communicator and solid biblical preacher.

•  Capable of bridging the generations, providing ministries for senior adults while attracting younger singles and families.

•  Able to oversee the management of the complexities of an established church with diverse ministries and a large, multi-use facility.

•  Capable of leading the church in relevant glo-cal outreach, sharing the gospel both globally and locally. 


•  Able to function effectively in an urban setting.

•  Capable of relating well to secular and ethnically diverse people in the city of Seattle.

•  Possesses intergenerational people skills, honoring legacy while moving into a new future.

•  Personable, authentic and approachable.

November 22, 2014  &  January 24, 2015

Leadership Summits

Recently, we had two Leadership Summits, one in November and one in January. These were times to pray for our church, to remember where we've been, to look toward the future of where we are going, and to create a profile for our next lead pastor. These meetings were very productive and out them we crafted our Strategic Initiatives and Pastoral Profile (see above).

November, 2014

Assessment Report

During the months of September and October a church assessment was performed by New Church Specialties, which included a survey of the congregation, interviews of leaders, staff, and the Ministry Council, and walkthroughs of the facilities and weekly programs. This provided an overview of where we are at as a church and where we are growing or declining, a view of our church health, and an outsider's perspective of our church. You can download a PDF of the full assessment below.