Facility Request

We are glad to offer our facility to church members, as well as, outside groups. In order to coordinate our efforts in reserving rooms and equipment, your request must be submitted a minimum of THREE WEEKS prior to the event. As you fill out this form please be as thorough as possible. 

Completion of the form does not guarantee a reservation of facility or equipment until confirmed by the church office. Also, NSC ministries hosting events occurring after 3pm or over the weekend maybe responsible for their own setup. Non-NSA sponsored events will do their own setup but may still request available equipment.

The details of setup expectations, equipment availability, and potential fees will be relayed when we confirm your reservation.

If you have a problem with the online form, please email info@nsachurch.org.

Office hours are Tuesday through Thursday from 8:30 am to 12:30 pm.  

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Requested Start Date
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You are committed to fitting into your reservation times. Please factor the amount of time needed in the room(s) before the event's start for setup (i.e. furniture setup, decorating, sound check, etc) and the time needed for people to cleanup and fully exit the space.
Let us know how to schedule your event by selecting One-Time or Repeat, for Repeat Events type the specific Frequency.
Select the Frequency of Event
(e.g. First Friday of Every Month or Every Tuesday)
Spaces include: sanctuary, chapel, lobby, library, fellowship hall, gym, kitchen, nursery, crazy carpet room, lakefront, and rooms 205, 206, 210, 211, 212, 217, & 218/219.
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Please describe a custom or multiple room setup in the "Breakdown of Room(s) Setup AND/OR Additional Notes About Room & Equipment Needs" section below.
Refreshment Table
Teaching/Speaking Aids
Audio/Visual Equipment
Type of Laptop Used with Projector
*Note: If it is easier please submit a drawing of your desired setup to the church office.
The cost for these services varies depending on the event. The fee will be relayed before confirming the event.
Is There Childcare for the Event
*Note: Only people with current background checks on file with the church office may provide childcare for NSC events
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